宁波, 南京, 苏州 Ningbo, Nanjing, Suzhou China 2016

宁波 Ningbo :范钦的天一阁图书馆

Fan Qin’s private library Tianyige is the oldest private library in China. He founded it in 1560. It was a breathtaking tour for me. It’s full of beautiful gardens with interconnected ponds. The whole place was beautiful and mystical. The family history and their delicate interest in building the library and preserving 70,000 volumes of books of historical records and civil exams are simply admirable. It would be a pity if you go to Ningbo but fail to visit the library. I strongly recommend going there on weekdays to avoid crowds. I was able to enjoy the depth of their majestic work, history, and gorgeous gardens in a serene atmosphere. I was also moved by the fact that my Chinese surname is also Fan, the same as Fan Qin.

微信短信 (六月十三号):“昨天妈妈说,最年夏天你不在家,前年在阿根廷,去年在欧洲,今年在中国,现在家里一直空空,听到有点儿难过,但是今天跟David在宁波过的时间改变了我的感觉,对我来说宁波的最意义的印象是”天一阁”,范钦的图书馆,中国的最旧私图书馆,非常喜欢那个图书馆,现在对范钦有感兴趣,还是他是我的本家,然后去见Nottingham 大学的教授,在茶厅喝好喝的茶,太感动John请我们很好吃的很多菜,谢谢Simon一直给我们看宁波。最后太感谢David带我去宁波,今天很高兴!”

Food in Ningbo

Seafood (海鲜) in Ningbo is well known. I was lucky that I got treated with sumptuous lunch and dinner. The dinner by the Yong river (甬江) was particularly memorable for its beautiful view. We also went to taste different types of tea at a tea shop (茶厅). I am thankful to David Zhou’s friends for giving us a great tour of Ningbo.

南京 Nanjing :天下为公 The Whole World as One Community

It would be a shame if you go to Nanjing but don’t pay a visit to the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall (南京大屠杀纪念馆) and Nanjing University. Take your time to check out the memorial, the melancholic yet stimulating walk along its historical details will make you ponder about the nation’s deep-seated grievance.

San Yat Sen’s Memorial is a beautiful place to visit. The gate is engraved with the message (天下为公) ‘The whole world as one community’. One of the best ways to get there would be to get off at the nearest subway station and then a cab to the mountain. The whole area is huge, it’s wise to take a whole day to check out the area, with plenty of opportunities to hike.

Nanjing University & 拉贝旧居 (John Rabe’s House)

What really drove me to Nanjing University – besides the fact that I try to visit well-known universities in almost every city I go to – is that during the Nanjing massacre, the campus became a safe zone for internally displaced people. The safe zone was the result of a selfless effort by the foreign consulate members then residing in Nanjing, who apparently were under severe pressure and had to swallow insults from the occupied Japanese military officials. It’s a bit difficult to find out John Rabe’s house. He was an instrumental figure to accommodate and save many local Chinese during the Japanese invasion. His house in Chinese is called 拉贝旧居. I was a bit disappointed that many Chinese students on the campus who we asked did not have any idea where the house was.

微信短信 (七月三号)“紫山的一封信:今天我去看南大的唯一原因是缅怀有些勇敢心!我不知道如果我们心里有没有一个Eichmann, 而且 如果情况会使我们 Hannah Arendt’s “banality of evil” 的受害者,但是我们知道有些人在南大,包括 德国的John Rabe在内,救过几百多中国人。所以今天领导我的朋友们找到了南大内”拉贝旧居”,站着那里想想虽然那时的危险情况,他们怎么敢坚持救人命,实现了人道主义安全区。对我来说,南京大学的最意义的地方是”拉贝旧居”。真可惜,我们不能进去!朋友们,如果你们去南京,除了南京大屠杀纪念馆,还去南大,缅怀他们!”

Nanjing Food

Nanjing food is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated delicacies in China. Especially its 大排档 (Da Pai Dang), the traditional concept of the open-air restaurant is a must place to visit to enjoy live folk music and treat your palate with full content. You must try fried dumplings( Jiaozi 饺子), the royal chicken dish (王府泡椒鸡) and 包子 (baozi). I bet the chicken dish will instantly melt you with heaven’s bliss. The good thing is they have pictures on their menu.

苏州 Suzhou: The Water Town

Suzhou is a water town, and there are plenty of them near Zhejiang. Suzhou is famous and beautiful. I was there just for a day to visit the Xi’an Liverpool Jiaotong University. So I barely had time to check out the place. There are some wonderful gardens and I have to go to the city again to absorb its beauty. My walk on the alleys by the canals was shrouded with some personal emotions. So while the place was just chaotic and overcrowded, I somehow managed to find an alley and sat there contemplating life, well don’t want to sound too dramatic here :p

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