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RiFF was a charity group initiated in 2009 by two friends who wanted to provide a platform for the new and upcoming artists in Toronto. RiFF was the culmination of their passion. RiFF was to become the artistic valour that a performer needs as the last stimulant to appear on the vaudeville of performing arts. RiFF thanks numerous volunteers, participants and especially, the Bangladeshi Students’ Association (BSA) at the University of Toronto. Facebook Group Page

Man of the Heart
, 31st July 2010, Innis Town Hall Theatre, 2 Sussex Ave, Toronto.

Man of the Heart, the first of its kind in Toronto, aimed to introduce the Baul philosophy of the Bengal. Man of the Heart was also RiFF’s first event reaching the mainstream community of Toronto. It was a spiritual journey introducing the folk music and culture of the Bengal to Toronto.

“Ah, where am I to find Him, the Man of my Heart? Alas, since I lost Him, I wander in search of Him, Thro’ lands near and far” – Baul.

Event Program

Event Pictures, 31st July 2010

Amar Ekushey, 18th February 2010, ElMocambo, Toronto.
Proceed went to Green Disabled Foundation, Haiti Earthquake Victims, and Serving Charity.

 ‘Amar Ekushey’ was the second charity concert by RiFF to commemorate the language movement’s martyrs in former East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1952. The proceeding went to help purchase a Braille printer for the disabled students in The Green Disabled Foundation, rehabilitate the Haiti earthquake victims, and also to the Serving Charity.

Event Pictures

 I’m Just a Girl: Rock for a Cause, 21st November 2009, William Doo Auditorium, 45 Wilcocks Street, Toronto.

 ‘I’m Just a Girl’ was the first charity concert that RiFF organized. $4,500 was raised in one night for a 7th-grade girl, a victim of rape by several local criminals in a rural area in Bangladesh. RiFF coordinated with ASK and BRAC, two major NGOs in Bangladesh, to provide legal aid to the girl. The rapists were arrested, tried, and sentenced.

Event Pictures

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