Two Souls

May 26, 2010.

I am what you can’t see.
Courted by a hedge of whim of your blind sight,
I breathe in everything and nothing
that you can’t conceive.
I am the sequestered militant heart.
In your naive disregard,
lies our souls’ destined proximity-
as sweet as it can get.
Daring when you care,
you will know me and yet, I will remain a stranger.

There is a rebel, a poet and
there is a heart full of impersonating characters.
It’s a man; an arrogant ruthless lover, and it’s a bird
that often flies away unfettered, unmindful and unnoticed.
Dreadful when you follow,
you will find me and yet, you will be lost.

I am the blissful eternal sunshine
-when you bask in my carnal heart beat,
I am the warmth comforting your naked skin.
In your every pore, the tremor in sweats-
I am their quantum of qualm.
I live in the beatings of your sensual slips.
I am the tyranny of that single truth-
shrouded by your moral charade.
Timorous when you stare back,
you can fake me and yet, you can’t forget.

I am the thoughts that hover in your mind,
racing through the alleys inside your maze.
Ever delighted at the masquerade you don-
an innocent, a confused and a coward of love.
With your palette full of emotion,
you muddle, fiddle and paint your life
on your supple frame of days, wishes and dreams.
Forgotten is what’s outside that frame-
where I am the axiom of every moment-
that you never long for and yet, you lose every second.
I am what you can’t see.
I live in our mere contact, a tryst that’s forlorn!
I am more than you can see.

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