How many times a man dies?

February 28, 2010.

I was there, starved & desolate in a furious quest
I felt my soul churn as nights dragged from one to another
Only to find, despair befriended me racing that arctic death
I was Scott and death vanished me in history.

I had an epiphany once.
Tomorrow was just another day for a life unasked for
I forsook that day and clinched to my truth.
And You burned me and avenged me with hemlock.
I died Socrates and was born again Bruno.

I was there, waiting crouched but not in fear
My eyes, deadpan but the mind alert
heaps of lying comrades didn’t dread me enough
I was there to dodge another bullet to advance another yard.
I saved Leningrad and I died immortal.

You arrested me, fined me and stripped me off my rights
You gave birth to Rosa Park, James Reeblat, Amelia Platts
You made me the king I became & we showed up in millions.
When I dared to have a dream, you shot me dastardly
I died for your civil rights.

In all those lives, I lived to die only for once
And I embraced a death unbidden.
But now I die every day, again and again-
I die in loving, in wealth of its ferocity
I die enthralled, yearning that death once more
I die embraced, drunk in its lure
When you look at me, love! And the way you do!

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