Locksley Hall After Two hundred Years Plus

[A tribute to Alfred Lord Tennyson.]  March 17, 2009.

My effrontery in remorse-
assailing the past in a harrowing lucidity,
two hundred and two plus two, in days and seconds destined.
Chords churning in tunes beating folklore passion of cupidity,
buoyant in showers of shells of promiscuity.
Feathering bulge of mystic fever in pretension.
Love, hate, sex what else left in the bottle, Cheers!
Fly high rocketing hollow numbers of derivatives,
Yes! Enough in bonds and bondage of impunity.
In your frenzied burst of sensual corruption,
why not order another toy to bluster-
Humane/Humanity in question, a mask of perjury.
Yesterday- oh! It was only a bad dream’s accident!
So let’s forget, forgive least we are late,
for memories- too cheap to treasure, don’t we build one everyday?
Like walls within city and without,
in promised lands with much promises to mock,
like the centre of an incessant earthquake.
Epicurean impulses in religious fervour,
beasts in leashes with words to havoc millions.
He who preaches decides what he wishes to be privileged for!
“They have a world to win.”
“They have a world to win.”

Freedom of academics and universities buttered
with placards- oh! they don’t irk fund and masters!
Together, one more day to witness an electronic drama!
Nations adorned in recollections of war,
a trailer in preview to garnish what more or not.
Oh! Humanity, humanity, for we tarnish the evil,
if the evil not within, could we ever conceive thee?
“For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see,
Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonders that would be;”

Hope is what means a forever struggle we deem.

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