Man of the Heart (An Addendum): After Effect

January 7, 2008

Doctor! Doctor! what is wrong with me?
Am I not responding as I am supposed to be?
The faces in masks, their surgical watch,
has it got something to do with my heart?
It is empty inside- in denial I admit-
No more pounding, numb and hollow- but,
the machine is in function, just a small glitch!

So don’t let the show start- I insist
turn off the surgical lights,
rebound the stretcher,hurl the spectators-
retreat! retreat!

What just life wanted- I only witnessed,
colors- only black and white,
I was the ‘life’ in between.
so throw that knife, no nick and trick!

Only a fool- to be honest at heart
if that was a crime then only
pretension- I couldn’t acquiesce.
Words in poetry I only couldn’t evade!
I confess of a bohemian mind,
and the emotions in flame, I relinquished-
sweet and euphoric!

Doctor! Doctor! what have you made me?
In brilliant lights, I can feel the metal deep!
Heart- reaped in blood, I am bereaved!
That is the only glitch, you needed to fix?

What is left in rear, higher than ever,
-man of the heart, the truth it unfurled
That love was so dear- when I was human!

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