Man of the Heart: Pandemic Love

December 26, 2007

For you, I paused at the poet’s corner
in a bookstore- disoriented, tonight.
I realized, I could search all the books,
yet, no poetry could read my heart upright.

In absolute chaos, my heart was a slave
to a chemistry that has its own mindful trait.
I wonder, when they’ll learn to obey me,
that this is simply not the right time,
that this will leave my world upside down,
that I will be caught off guard of love-
I can comprehend no more!

Lord! If you could only unchain the melodies
of reality and society!
Only to intoxicate myself to its whim,
rejoice the frightful gravity and swim
loosing every conscious thought,
whirling strong in a massive storm,
savoring the death, destruction of love.

For you, I paused to write a poetry,
blotted with emotions I fancied,
scribbles of words- wish they could unfurl
the love I can no longer entice!

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