Seven Days

February 28, 2008.

A cup of tea, begins Monday I see,
In costumes of mood, I fancy I’m king!
No Achilles nor thunder can stand brave,
I’ll wrestle, I’ll jostles, they’ll fall, they’ll fade.
Yet, I am conquered, it is you who reigns!
I breathe in hope, I dream and long,
a glimpse of you, green eyes and songs!

Tuesday my friend! Thanks you appear,
yesterday was alike yesteryear!
Dry it went, heart wrenched,
so be my savior, retire my sage!

For God’s sweetest gift- Wednesday it is!
There she reveals, my love in grace!
I pretend I’m normal, but short in breath,
inside I fall a thousand feet!
Unfurl your love, the cure of my heart,
unfair! unfair! for the day is too short!

Thursday I’ve befriended for the solace it proffers,
the news world printed, bereaved asunder!
In her heart, a stranger flits,
tall, strong, sharp or built,
knights if you are, I dare in rage!

Friday, Saturday- days for a weep,
seven is not enough, unfair days!

Sunday! Sunday! I’ve lost a day!
The more I love, farther she remains!

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