Beijing 北京 2016

Beijing Culinary and More! 

I see Noodles bowls, a cat and a Hutong restaurant! 在三里吨我们突然遇到了一个面条的餐厅,菜单以后儿发现了那个餐厅很流行的,面条也不错。我忘了那个餐厅叫什么!This noodles place in Sanlitun is fantastic!

The infamous Peking Duck 北京烤鸭!

在北京,和我的四川朋友吃了四川菜!With my two friends, one from Sichuan, we went to eat Sichuan food. We deliberately chose not so hot and spicy stuff as it was a hot and humid day anyway. The food was great!

My friend treated me hot pot at one of Beijing’s traditional place. This particular style of hotpot is apparently a traditional one! It was a sumptuous lunch. By the way, I learned that Chinese people like to eat noodles at the end.

Beijing Craft Beers

If you are into craft beers, Beijing has a handful of places to try. Only got to try different locations of Great Leap and (Jing A) 京A。Local craft beer culture is growing slowly but surely in big cities in China. Its actually fun to explore them!

(loooooove) Street Food

Love eating street food. This is Jian Bing 煎饼, also you have Shou Zhua Bing 手抓并 and Kao Leng Mian 考冷面, they are all worth trying. Apparently, Kao Leng Mian originated around 2000 years ago in Heilengjian (ah! I miss eating it! and guess what! its spicy! Yummy!!). Just make sure you find out a street vendor thats apparently more hygiene :p


And a random picture I took at a railway crossing!

Waiting to meet my friend on the other side!
Waiting to meet my friend on the other side!

杭州,中国: Hangzhou, China 2016

There is a terrible silence that’s wrapped around me. As I walk, breathe and lose myself in this borderless habitat of rolling green hills and dreamy lakes of Hangzhou, I am reduced to a mere silence inside. Its difficult. Stolen in its poetic foolishness, I am awed by everything thats unfolding in my life, a bit stupefied, a bit stubborn, and a bit reckless in gambling for where my mind takes me to.

Hangzhou is a romantic city. Don’t come here for a day or a week, don’t yearn for its embrace only if you are stopping by. Linger yourself here like the water in its lake has a sticky affinity to its surrounding green madness. Rest your mind in peace when you are breathing heavy, when you feel the first dash of sweat on your skin, by sitting on a rock on top of a hill, and looking aimlessly far away beyond the green slopes, beyond the West Lake, beyond the blue sky, unoccupied, with a dare to lose everything for a moment. Feel free not to remember anything, except those few hearts, those smiles, those promises, and that pair of eyes!

And don’t be a half-hearted human.

If you can really find Hangzhou, it will teach you to be forgiving.

Hiking up the hills, boating on the lake and the beautiful gardens!

The CAMPUS ON A RAINY DAY (and I was drenched in rain)


So I got to lose myself a bit writing two poems while in Hangzhou. One is here, the other one (The Three Stones 磊) you can find it out on this site if you are interested to read.


By the West Lake

The bird is down – black, bruised and beaten.
The bookmark stares empty at its hollow pages.
Something was meant to be in there.
Perhaps scribbles of words,
passages claiming a live pulse.
Perhaps a title blotted in emotion.

The dust jacket and the still feathers.

The bookmark is lonely.
The bird is down.


Someone failed a heart.


Most of the gardens and tourist attractions including museums are free. So you can take a leisurely walk at any time and find yourself in the midst of green beauty. Most of these pictures are from the botanical garden 植物园 right behind the campus. Its free after 5pm. And guess what, you can bypass the entrance fee by hiking up the hill taking a track behind the main library building on the campus 😀



You’ll enjoy the food here. But honestly speaking, I like the Northeast food more, they tend to be more flavourful (and saltier) than the food here (which is sweet). Two most famous local restaurants are 外婆家 (wai po jia) 折味馆 (zhe wei guan) , both very cheap. I prefer the first one as the food is much better with more choices. There is also a famous 茶餐厅, its nice environment but I didn’t find the food any better than wai po jia. Also, you can go to a tea village and eat at the farmers house, thats an awesome experience. For me, I have been busking under my several friends’ (most appear to be professors here) hospitality.