Beijing 北京 2016

Beijing Culinary and More! 

I see Noodles bowls, a cat and a Hutong restaurant! 在三里吨我们突然遇到了一个面条的餐厅,菜单以后儿发现了那个餐厅很流行的,面条也不错。我忘了那个餐厅叫什么!This noodles place in Sanlitun is fantastic!

The infamous Peking Duck 北京烤鸭!

在北京,和我的四川朋友吃了四川菜!With my two friends, one from Sichuan, we went to eat Sichuan food. We deliberately chose not so hot and spicy stuff as it was a hot and humid day anyway. The food was great!

My friend treated me hot pot at one of Beijing’s traditional place. This particular style of hotpot is apparently a traditional one! It was a sumptuous lunch. By the way, I learned that Chinese people like to eat noodles at the end.

Beijing Craft Beers

If you are into craft beers, Beijing has a handful of places to try. Only got to try different locations of Great Leap and (Jing A) 京A。Local craft beer culture is growing slowly but surely in big cities in China. Its actually fun to explore them!

(loooooove) Street Food

Love eating street food. This is Jian Bing 煎饼, also you have Shou Zhua Bing 手抓并 and Kao Leng Mian 考冷面, they are all worth trying. Apparently, Kao Leng Mian originated around 2000 years ago in Heilengjian (ah! I miss eating it! and guess what! its spicy! Yummy!!). Just make sure you find out a street vendor thats apparently more hygiene :p


And a random picture I took at a railway crossing!

Waiting to meet my friend on the other side!
Waiting to meet my friend on the other side!