Published/Working Papers

This page provides an update on a number of topics and projects I am currently working on, including the links to my academic publications.

Peer-reviewed Publications:

Cooper, Andrew F. and Farooq, Asif B. 2016. ‘The Role of China and India in the G20 and BRICS: Commonalities or Competitive Behaviour?’ accepted to Journal of Current Chinese Affairs.

Cooper, Andrew F. and Farooq, Asif B. 2015. ‘Emerging Donors: The Promise and Limits of Bilateral and Multilateral Democracy Promotion’, Cambridge Review of International Affairs

Cooper, Andrew F., Momani, Bessma. and Farooq, Asif B. 2014. ‘Interpreting the Differentiated US Responses to the Arab Spring’, Digest of Middle East Studies, 23(2):360-384.

Farooq, Asif B. and Majowicz, Shannon E. 2013. ‘Institutional Readiness in Practice for Pandemic Response to an Emerging Infectious Disease’, Global Health Governance, 8 (1): 38-55.

Cooper, Andrew F. and Farooq, Asif B. 2013. ‘The BRICS and the Privileging of Informality in Global Governance’, Global Policy, 4(4): 428-433.
Conference Publications:

Non-peer-reviewed Publications:

Farooq, Asif B. and McKnight, S. (Editors) ‘Moving Forward: 45 Years of Canada-China Relations’, Personally spearheaded the policy oriented project in close cooperation with Joseph Wong (Director of the Asian Institute) and David Mulroney (Former Canadian Ambassador to China). Contributors to the volume: Paul Evans, Wendy Dobson, David A. Welch, Lynette H. Ong, David Dewitt, Jeremy Paltiel, Pittman Porter, Pascale Massot, David Zakus, David Mulroney, Joseph Wong, Linting Zhang, Scott McKnight, Karl Yan, Anton Malkin, James Flynn and Lotus Ruan.

Cooper, Andrew F. and Farooq, Asif B. 2014. ‘Testing the Club Culture of the BRICS: The Evolution of the New Development Bank‘,, BRICS Parma conference in Parma, Italy.

Collaborative Working Papers with Faculty Members:

– “The Power of Agentic Co-option by Emerging States: The Case of India,” co-authored with Andrew F. Cooper.

– “Two-level Democracy Promotion by India and China: Patterns of Consistency/Inconsistency between Declaratory and Operational Practices,” coauthored with Andrew F. Cooper, RnR.

Personal Working Papers:

– “The Political Economy of Institutional Cooperation in the New Space Race: The Cases of China, India and Japan”

-“The Practice of Financial Regulatory Reform: The Volcker Rule in Making”

– “The Economic History of Informal Finance in China”


Other Publications:

Screen shot 2016-01-25 at 6.23.52 PM

Co-editor of the policy volume Moving Forward: Issues in Canada China Relations

On the occasion of 45 years of Canada-China relations, fifteen academics from eight Canadian universities join together to present clear, insightful and analytical policy recommendations on how to move forward Canada’s relations with China.

The book, aptly titled Moving Forward: Issues in Canada-China Relations and edited by Asif B. Farooq and Scott McKnight, aims to spark a frank and intellectual conversation on Canada-China relations for Canadians’ interest with a ‘whole of a Canada’ approach dealing issues such as health, investment, trade, security and people-to-people engagements.

在中加建交45周年之际,来自8所加拿大高校的15名学者共同完成了一份关于中加关系的政策报告:《展望未来:中加关系的主要议题》(Moving Forward: Issues in Canada-China Relations)。该报告的主编是多伦多大学政治学系的博士生Asif B. Farooq和Scott McKnight。该报告的发行单位是多大中国观察(CORN)和多伦多大学蒙克全球事务学院亚洲研究中心。


报告分为纸质版和电子版。为了促进世界各地学者的交流,我们这里提供了报告的免费电子资源:《展望未来:中加关系的主要议题》(Moving Forward: Issues in Canada-China Relations)报告的新书发布会将于2016年2月4日在多伦多大学蒙克全球事务学院举行。

Some of my published op-ed articles:

The Diplomat, China: 2014 Year in Review, 2015 (coauthored)

The Global and Mail, Canada, “The garment disaster is no time to abandon Bangladesh”, 2013

Other non-fiction writings:

“Beyond my Bangladesh” 2011

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